Sunday, July 31, 2011

HDH100 - Varying Visages of Vincent

Hopefully you have arrived from Teri's blog.
If not, and you'd like to see all the Minions' projects
and take part in a small hop full of horrors and candy,

Today marks the 100th challenge for
Haunted Design House's Macabre Monday!!

This year also marked the 100th birthday of the original
Master of the Macabre, Vincent Price.

We have decided to combine both celebrations
(a little belated for Vincent) and make this week's MM theme,
"Varying Visages of Vincent".

We want to see Vincent Price represented some how, some way,
in your project. Use his laugh, his films, his voice, his presence,
as inspiration for your work.

I remember vividly being awed by this creepy old man with the
awesome voice, the very first time I ever laid eyes on him.
That was on an episode of The Muppet Show, circa 1977.


The quote I like the best from this episode is when Vincent tells Kermit,
"I never met a monster I didn't like".
That is my inspiration for this week's project.

I used an 8X10 canvas and went to town with as many
screen grabs as I could find from this monumental episode. 

I used a Doodle Factory zombie, and set the quote using Gimp.
I just may be getting the hang of that damned Gimp after all.

Awesome photo!!!

I used a Dustin Pike monster and some Stampotique skulls.
I was quite surprised that I didn't have more monster images.

I did find this cool mummy from Paper Makeup Stamps.
I added Glossy Accents to all of the stamped images and 
popped them up on cardboard for dimension.
I got crazy with the glossy acrylic paints and made lots
of green and black dots.

This is the view I have from my work desk.
There's Vincent, ever present, and uber ominous.

Okay, since you have played nice and looked at my schtuff I guess
I had better offer up some goodies.
I am offering up a sample pack of
Glow Skullz and Brain embellishments,
plus some brain magnets or a pendant. Your choice.
Just leave me a nice comment, stroke my ego,
blow sunshine up my fanny,(sorry my UK readers - I had no idea!)keester,
and I will choose a random winner on Sunday, the 7th of August.

Now! Head back to HDH to enter to win
the awesomely delicious Candy Corn
(if you followed all the rules) that the Masterful Mistress
has so generously offered up for this celebration!



  1. Kermit and Vincent....I don't think the frog queen could be any happier! That is brilliant!! Thank you for sharing!!


  2. WOW this is freakin brilliant. I really LOVE this it is actually beyond brilliant. I love the pics and the images you have used are superb but whatever you did with adding that stuff they look spectacular. Oh and I can't help but giggle every time you USA'ers use the word fanny cos it means something completely different over here and is much more rude haha. x

  3. Fantabulous hun! Wish I could win those goodies. . .! LOL

  4. Bwahahahahaha! Wonderfully quirky piece Glo, I love the fact you've shown his fabulous homour :D

  5. That is an awesome canvas!!! I so remember watching that episode, but I can't remember who with??! Maybe I could use one of your brainz to replace mine :D XXX

  6. Amazing collage, Glo! Love seeing the lighter side of the Master's creepiness. I think I need some mixed media lessons. Your acrylic dots tie eveything in so nicely and the stamped images are fab! xxD

  7. OoOooOooo I love me some Vincent Price. I could hear him quote the phone book and I would sit in awe.

  8. LMFAO, Blow sunshine up your fanny!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH I needed that laugh, thanks!!! WONDERFUL WONDERFUL canvas!!! That is freakin awesome!!!

  9. This is such a cool project! Now you've got me thinking of my first memories of Mr. Price.:)

  10. I LOVE IT!! what a great use of different mediums also:)

  11. I am a Vincent Nut (as well as a Creepy Globugg Nut); my favorite is House of Wax. I love your piece - it's an adorable kind of creepy! I am totally digging on the spots. And Kermit biting Vincent. LOL!

  12. This is an such a great piece of artwork! You are an inspirtation for us newbies!

  13. I'd blow more than sunshine up your fanny for this schwag! Amazing canvas. I absolutely love love love it!

  14. Love Vincent! And the quote is a truly perfect for your piece!

  15. LMAO "Blow sunshine up my fanny" do you know how rude this is in the UK?????

    Love your work Glow, Vincent Price and the Muppets......bliss.

    Fiona. x

  16. what could be better VP and the Muppets.. and I actually remember seeing that episode. I am that old. Love your art...always amazing!

  17. LoL VP and the Muppets - fabulous. I just adore your creation - STUNNINGLY AWESOME piece of work. xx
    Hope your 'keester' is getting plenty of sunshine hahahahaha LoL

  18. I totally remember Vincent Price on Sesame Street! That was so cool! I also remember him on Scooby Doo! Anywho, your project is phenominal! I love all of the little beasties you put on the page, and all of the wonderful photos you dug up. And, the poster you have is super rad! Has your ego been stroked?! ;)Thanks for the chance to win some of your goodies!

  19. FREAKIN-FANG-TASTIC job on these projects! I love it and so remember the shows! TFS

  20. I love IT!! This is super cool ! You did an amazing job on this dedication to an amazing man. The one with kermit is soo funny!

  21. I love this shows Vincent's hilarious side!

  22. OMGHOULNESS!!! how Terrifyingly COOL! I was a junior in HS in 1977, and did not see that episode of the muppet show (actually I saw less than more) But I LOVE the muppets and VP!! and that poster you have rocks too!

    Yea you have to watch that fanny word! LMAO.
    awesome work, I love it. Thanks for the opportunity at some goodies also!

  23. Vincent and Kermit! You are BRILLIANT! Love the collage of photos of monster stamps and text bits! Awesome!

  24. Vampire Kermit is soo cute.
    And Mr. Price is right: I never met a monster I didn't like.
    I even give them some space under my bed. (Sorry, my wardrobe is full, so the monsters have to live under my bed)
    I can't say that I knew Vincent Price very well. I love Tim Burton's movies and so I've seen Vincent and of course Edward Scissorhand. But I think that in Germany, you have to be a fan of the old horror movies to know him. Here, we had or own Sesame Street with different actors and no Vincent Price. I had to watch him on youtube. The sketch is really funny.
    And your work is great.

  25. Wow - amazing, my jaw is on the floor. :)

  26. Stroke...stroke...stroke. LOL! You rock, girl! Awesome tribute!

  27. he does have an amazing voice! i love the art work! all the images work beatifully! thanks for the chance to win!

  28. This is awesome!!! Lovin' the pics of Vincent Price with the Muppet Kermit. He could be hilarious, or sinister, he was the Master! Thank you for sharing your talents with everyone. Woot!

  29. Brilliant. Just freakingly brilliant. Love it

  30. this is so cool! you are so amazing and are the queen of all (ok that last part was just for your ego) but really you know I love your style! thanks for the chance to win! ;)you know I love it!


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