Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Lynx!!!

Yesterday was our beloved Lynx's birthday.
She is such a stunning artist in a multitude of mediums!
As a special (belated) Birthday surprise, the other Minions and
myself have put together a few Birthday wishes for Lynx,
and we have even changed the Macabre Monday challenge
to accommodate this glorious occasion!

I went with the "Black Dragon" theme for her card.
Her other moniker is, "Black Dragon", and I thought
this image from Dustin Pike was just menacing enough
to be appropriate for Lynx, who hates "cutesy". 

Ooooh! Scary!

I really like this saying, and thought it was nice for Lynx too.
I do believe in Dragons! I really, really do!

This week's Macabre Monday challenge is
"Haunted Birthday Bash".
Who doesn't have a need for a
creepy birthday card for at least one cool friend?

Stop by and check out what the other Minions cooked up
for Lynx's Birthday at Haunted Design House. 


  1. This is one absolutely phenomenal card and the sentiment is divine. Love that dragon, she will adore it I bet x

  2. Your card and the dragon are fabulous, I love your coloring and the colours you chose - soooooo darkly gorgeous!

  3. Loving the Dragon hun! Nice and menacing!!

  4. Oh Glo, he is fabulous! Love the background with the ravens too. How fitting. Super cute sentiment. Lynx will love it! Thanks for putting this together. xxD

  5. I love him....he's almost adorably cute! :)
    and the grey and purple look FAB!
    Cheers girl


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