Monday, July 11, 2011

2 Cute Stamps Monster Mash

Just a quick post today.
I have recently been smitten with the images at
Heidi has drawn up some of the most adorable images ever,
in both rubber and digital!

How unbelievably flippin' cute huh?!
This image is called, "Monster Mash".

He even has a little tiny friend dancing with him!
I colored his horns like candy corns with the intention
of making a Hallowe'en card with this image.
I decided it was too cute to hold onto for that long,
so I scrapped the Hallowe'en theme and made it summery instead.

Drop by 2Cute Rubber Stamps and check out all the cuteness!


  1. OMG!!! How flippin' adorable! Gotta go check them out. Noticed the candy corn horns immediately. Who says it's only for Halloween? LOL Love this! xxD

  2. Very cute gorgeous and summery card which would really make an amazing halloween card. x

  3. Oh yes this is too cute! I love the candy corn horn idea soooo cute! And I agree with Donna, candy corn year around!

  4. Wonderful card! You're absolutely correct: These guys are so CUTE!

    The candy corn horns are great, too ... after all candy corn is delicious any time of year. :)


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