Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A WIP and some purty glass

Today's Wicked Wednesday post is running a bit behind,
 but I am hopeful it will be worth the wait.
This week's Macabre Monday challenge is a pretty simple one.
"Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest,
of most excellent fancy."
Just use skulls on your project. The more the merrier in my mind.
Not too many players yet this week. I even have sponsored
this challenge with a $20 gift certificate to my Etsy shoppe.
Plus, if you leave a comment on the HDH080 post stating your
favorite item from my Etsy site, you will be entered in a random
draw to win the item you chose.
You don't even have to make a project, just do a little window
shopping here, and leave a comment here.

Here is a peek at what I have cookin' for my MM offering.
I should have it completed shortly.

I made three wicked fingers with glow in the dark nails,
and one blind, glow in the dark eyeball.
You could read a book from the light this thing gives off!

More random bits of (finally) finished projects.

A sneak peek at what's coming to Etsy.
These guys are teeny tiny. Under an inch each.

Susan's cat/bunny/roo is finished and looking ready
to start delivering eggs for Easter.
I really like this one the best out of the two and I think it shows.

Yeah! Income tax return time!!!
First we bought a hot water heater and it is divine!!!!
48 gallons of hot water!!!! And I mean HOTT!! Just lovely.
With that purchase out of the way I bought a couple of
things to purty up the place a bit.
This is going to really pop when the bright sun shines through it
in a week or so. I can't wait. 
This thing is no joke. It measures about 30" wide. 

This lamp is completely decadent.
The shade is about 25" wide and the base even lights up!
The shade has over 1000 pieces of cut glass and even has
some cabochons and other textured glass embedded in it.
I'm going to name it, since I love it so much!

This is a torchiere lamp that we have had for years.
I still love it, but it pales a bit in comparison to the new baby.     

Here is the backdoor leading out into the backyard.
I Gallery Glassed it all by hand just using the liquid leading
and some fun colors.

I love colored glass!!! I have more, but felt this was getting
a bit much already.

I'll be back later with my Macabre Monday project. 


  1. Love your creepy fingers, pumpkins and the rabbit! They look awesome!

  2. Wow someone has been a very busy girl. Love your back door and all of your purchases and your mini pumpkins just looks stunningly fantastic x


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