Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wee Stamps Cuteness

I have succumbed to the cuteness over at
I admit it. I like cute. I have fricken Hello Kitty and
Kuromi tattoos - that's permanently cute.
I first saw Sylvia's style of art at Spesch Stamps
and quickly gobbled up the images for sale there.
Then, Sylvia opened her own shop and now I have even more
cuteness to collect!!

This is "Sweet Blossom". Yes, yes it is isn't it?
Bleepin' adorable! Love the little critter next to her too!

So fun to color and make such a cute spring card.
I am anxiously awaiting the sun which should be here
this week with temps in the high 70's!!! We have had so
much rain and drab days for the past month or so. I am 
ready for the sun and spring to get sprung!  


  1. super cute hun love the bright spring colours xxx

  2. *peering around suspiciously* Ok lady, who the heall ARE you and what have you done with CREEPY Glowbugg?????
    Yeah, ok, you got me, it IS adorable :P

  3. Oh my gosh - this is SO cute! I thought I was on the wrong blog for a second. No blood? No knives? No rotting flesh? Must be on the inside...

  4. Seriously didn't expect this from you hahaha. Extreme lushness to the sweetest degree x


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