Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebratory Romp for Susan's B.Day

Today is a big day for fellow Minion,
Today is her birthday, and in fine
we are wishing her a happiest of daze
with a little "Sinister Celebratory Romp".
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HDH site or on most of our sidebars.


For your birthday I made you a kitty.
It's pretty tame for this bunch, but cute works sometimes.
And I managed to squeeze in a skull to maintain
my creep card. 


I hope you have a wonderful day Susan.
Hell, you have yourself a wonderful weekend too!
And this little critter is on his way across the pond to you
along with a big hug from this creepy fat chick .

Quick note regarding this cat sculpture.
I made another cat first, but when my son saw
it he asked "what?" it was and when I said it
was a cat (of course!), he said maybe I should try

Okay, I guess it does kinda look like a
kangaroo crossed with a bunny.
I envisioned him singing, but my son
(the friggin' critic) said it looked like
he was signalling for help while choking
on a hairball.

Oh well, I like him. After a little paint job he'll
be spiffy and unique. 
Whatever he is. 



  1. Fab cat/s. Your son's comment had me choking on my coffee haha. It is really cute x

  2. Oh Glo, this is ADORABLE! I want one! LOVE the hairball comment from your son! Hilarious! xxD

  3. Ahahaaaaa!!! I thought you meant...oh well you like your SON! haha! And after his "comments" I think you just might like the creepy bunny-like cat! hehehee! (FYI My son is much the same kinda critic)
    I LOVE YOUR SCULPTURE!! you have talent oozing from you girl!! This rocks and Susan is one lucky birthday minion!!

  4. ROFL! I was also snorting into my coffee at your son's commnts :D And I love BOTH your kitty creations, traditional and mutant :P :P :P Thank you so much, you ROCK!

  5. These are fantastic, Glo! And I LOVE the choking-hair-ball one... that comment made me giggle :) You ARE the gifted one ;)

  6. AWWWWW these are too cute!!!

  7. Well I LIKE your rabbit - but then maybe it's the kangaroo in it I like - me being an Aussie and all - LOL.
    Awesome puddy cat too! - tooo clever!


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