Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wayward Words - finally

Tales from the Darkside is an anthology TV series from The Eighties produced by George A. Romero. Similar to The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling's Night Gallery, The Outer Limits and Tales From The Crypt, each episode was an individual short story that ended with a plot twist. Unlike these other series, Tales from the Darkside centered mostly on horror stories. However, some episodes would more likely be considered science fiction or fantasy-based, and other episodes were more comical and lighthearted in tone. It's also known for its cruel Outer Limits Twist endings.
When I was a wee lass back in the eighties, this was my absolute
favorite tv show. Hands down, this was the very pinnacle of my
young life.
My favorite episode was one where Grandpa didn't know he was dead. He would come down for breakfast every morning, and by lunch you could start to see the decay, and by dinner he would have a smell.
So, the grandson puts pepper in Grandpa's napkin, and when he comes down for breakfast he shakes out his napkin to put on his lap, and starts to sneeze.
He sneezes into this napkin. The camera now only shows Grandpa from the neck down.
Grandpa puts the napkin on the table, and gets up, and goes up stairs.
The camera pans to the napkin, ... the boy flips open the napkin, ...wait for it.... wait for it...
and there is Grandpa's nose!
LOVE it!!!!!!!!
'Winter' is the creepiest chick(?) I could think of to accent this card.
She rocks (Thanks Barb) in a really creepy way.

In other news....
Here is a picture of the mask that began my collection over 20 years ago.
I found this at a a huge flea market here in Old Sacramento.
I had to borrow the money ($25?) from my Grandpa, who only said,
"You are consistently strange", as he handed me the cash.
Still one of my favorite masks. 


  1. LOVE this card... and I LOVED that tv series! This quote is perfect for Winter... fabulously sinister :)

    The mask is awesome... for being your first of a collection, it is wonderful!

  2. Fantastic card and words, I also loved this tv series and romero's older stuff. Love the story about your grandfather hehe your consistently weird, amazing x

  3. That, the Grandpa episode, is the one that scared me the most! 2nd place was this Christmas one, with some Christmas monster...the card rocks. Super creepy.

  4. OMG I remember that show! Loved it. Love your blog too.

  5. FAB card and this mask is soooooo cool


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