Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hippie Birthday!!

Today is my MIL's birthday.
She is a true hippie at heart. She washes her feet and doesn't
reek of Patchouli, but she is quite a free spirit.
She is quite a prolific crafter, and she is also the person who introduced me to the world of polymer clay.
Basically, as far as MILs go, she ROCKS!

I had this perfect digital image from Sassy Studio Designs,
and I paired her up with some hippie-type paper (from the $ store, I think).
Then I attempted the new hair coloring technique that I saw recently.
Not real happy with it, but practice makes pefect right?

What's a hippie without fleurs?!

I layered 5 paper Primas, and then as if that weren't enough, I added a flower brad.
Then, I glued a peace sign button onto the brad and Stickled it!
My MIL is one of my biggest fans as far as my cards go, and she keeps all of the cards I have made for her and my FIL in a basket by her front door to show people.
She keeps her favorites displayed on the table in her foyer.
I think I'll be seeing this one in the foyer next time I'm at her house.


  1. great card she will love it, I think the hair colouring is great, love the image and the little brad in the middle of the flower is so funny xx

  2. Super Groovy!!! I'm sure she'll dig it!!
    XO Curse

  3. I'll bet you will, it's just adorable. What luck to find such perfect paper! Love the sentiment too! xxD (You did use "Hippie Birthday", didn't you?)

  4. Wow! Groovy image, and your coloring is outta this world, man! :)

  5. WOW! This is SUPA cute!! HB to your MIL! Luv the coloring on her and great image too!

  6. Groovy card, Gloria. Really, far out!
    Yr mil sounds lovely and your card is terrific. I love the way you coloured the hair. Colouring hair is something I really struggle with and I certainly will need a lot more practice.
    New hair colouring technique you say? Revlon?


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