Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Newest passion - Poison bottles!!!

Wheaton Glass Co. of Millville, N.J. began producing commemorative decanters, flasks, and other bottles in 1967. They ceased production in 1974, making these over 35 years old.

Over the past couple of months or so, I have had a new interest in (preferably) vintage poison bottles.
I have spent many a late hour perusing ebay for some comparison shopping
and scant threads of knowledge on these tiny treasures.
The back of this one reads "R.I.P. Handle With Care".
The coffin shape with the nail heads and the skull and crossbones is what drew me to these bottles in particular.
I was at a friend's house and I was ogling their curios, when my eye caught the lovely cobalt glass and those skulls. She had two of these gems!
I made a point of letting her know that if they ever needed a home I would gladly take them off of her hands.
My husband stopped by her pad the other day and she was cleaning out her curio cabinet and GAVE them to my husband to give to me!
Talk about a giddy bitch!
I was literally clapping and giggling like a lunatic!
I already had started my collection with the green and amber bottles
(which I believe to be older than the blue bottles) from a seller in England.
I think these ones actually had poison in them at one time.
I'd like to believe that anyway.
I am also on the lookout for the other colors in the first picture.
That set is on ebay for $110.00.
I have to pass on that one.


  1. they do look ever so cool, although if I were your husband I would maybe get a food/drink tester haha xx

  2. These are freakin' sweet! I'm jealous...

  3. They look so awesome! Great to have a passion like that!

  4. Oooooh wow!! Those are so cool!! And not cheap if someone doesn't just give them to you huh?

  5. These are too cool!!! I love colored glass! Super neat!

  6. Congratulations! These are seriously cool bottles. Beautiful colors. I'm jealous! I've been to Wheaton Village. The glass demos and museum are great fun.

  7. I love these! I want my own...let the hunt begin...

  8. WOW are these ever COOL!!!!! I had no idea! xxD


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