Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Macabre Monday #7 Menacing Moveables

When I first read Barb's HDH Macabre Monday challenge, I thought, maybe I'd skip this one, as I am not well versed in moveable paper crafts. I made a spinner card once at a workshop (and loved it!), but it was too labor intensive for me to make any more. Then, while I was conditioning clay, and planning my attack, I realized that I could submit a clay creation for the challenge!
So here is my ghostie and his little batt friend. The ghost glows-in-the-dark as do the flowers on the headstone. The little batt is on a spring so he really gets to moving when needed.  I kinda went nuts and created a whole town called "Creepeeville" and made a ton of Halloweenish characters who live there.
More to come....


  1. I can't quit grinning... that ghostie is too freakin' adorable... or is he saying something bad?! ;) Thanks for playing along with Macabre Monday, bebe ;)

  2. This is spooktacular. I just love it and I know what you mean about almost skipping the moveable thing, I'm glad you didn't cause I really enjoyed visiting you.

  3. This is fabulous! Your ink in the post below is great too! I'll have to post a picture of my Halloween leg for you all to see the next time I do one of Barb's challenges!


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