Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome to Creepeeville

I have not touched a stamp or a stamped image in almost a week. I finally decided to break out with the polymer clay this week, and haven't looked back since. I have been having so much fun creating these little Halloween folks with the intention of giving them to my mom-in-law to sell at a craft show on Halloween. Then I find out that the craft fair is at a Pentacostle church and my husband informed me that Pentacostle folk don't recognize Halloween as a holiday and therefore don't celebrate it at all. Well, pee all over my parade why dontcha?! So, now I am turning to Etsy in the hopes of finding new homes for my little fiends.

I am in the process of assembling earrings with the candy corns and the batts on them. Some have their tongues hanging out like the ghosts.

All of the ghosts and the moons and the candy corns glow in the dark. Some of the bases glow as well. I am a huge fan of glow in the dark and black light responsive items.
Please feel free to leave me your comments or contact me if you are interested in starting your very own "Creepeeville".

Happy Haunting!


  1. Those are AWESOME! Very cute, I mean creepy!

  2. So freakin' CA-YOOOT! I think I'm still partial to the ghostie in the prior post with the spring bat-friend... they are all just adorable ;)


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