Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Creepee" comes to Etsy - very soon!

"Creepeeville" comes to my mantle!

I have been having so much fun creating these little guys that I really don't know if I wanna part with any of them.
I am still trying to get my Etsy site up and running, but figuring out shipping really has me stumped! I am almost finished (hopefully this evening) and will be selling"Creepeeville" sculptures at a very reasonable price.
This one was my son's idea, and it is one of my favorites! I need to make more so I can keep this one.

I thought that earrings might be a good seller. These ghosts glow in the dark, as do some skull earrings and pendants I made (not pictured yet).

And finally, the candy corn crew!


  1. WOW, that is an AWESOME collection! Good Luck w/ Etsy.

  2. THese are so cool, creepy and cute! I hope you sell lots of them on Etsy! :-)Traci

  3. OMG, your candy corn is totally off the charts. Your work is great, lots of luck with it.


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