Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New found respect

I dunno about anyone else, but back in the early nineties I worshipped Martha Stewart. I subscribed to her magazine, I watched her show, I even attempted a receipe or two. I'm not sure if it was purely oversaturation of her and her products, or the fact that I was a tad too bourgeois for her stylings. Either way, I have enjoyed the slanderous humor of her daughter's show, "Whatever Martha", but aside from that I really don't pay her much attention. Until this Halloween that is!
Martha has offered some of the most cool and original tools for use this holiday. I just got the "Drippy Goo" egde punch, along with the bats corner punch, the graveyard edge punch, and the skull and cross bones punch from last year. I got the paper pack and it rocks! All of her items are of great quality, hence the price, but I think you get what you pay for alot of the time in this industry. Anyhoo, I like Martha again, like she cares.
I used her punches and that embossed swirls again, for the moon. Easy card to make, and when you send out as many Halloween cards as I do, quick and easy makes it all the more enjoyable and less like a chore.    


  1. I am very much diggin' the graveyard edge punch... thanks, enabler ;)

    Great scene, and love the embossed swirls... great touch.

  2. Great card and I agree - I LOVE the new spooky punches! I just had to have the graveyard punch (but haven't used it yet!) Seeing it on your card is so fun!! Now I need to figure out a way to incorporate these punches into my other seasonal cards (I did use the skull and crossbones punch on a Christmas card last year!!) :-)Traci


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