Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Say Hello to my Little Friends

It has been killing me lately seeing all these fabulous creations for Halloween that everyone is making. There are so many blogs and websites entirely devoted to Halloween and the creations are wickedly amazing! I finally dug out my poly clay and accessories, and began creating. My mother-in-law is participating in a craft faire on Halloween, and when she asked me to come along I told her, "No, are you crazy?" She knows better, but I think she likes to yank my chain anyway. I decided to send some of my little friends from "Creepeeville" along to keep her company at the craft faire. Maybe some of them will find new homes.

Here are some batts. I have a tattoo that I drew up and that was the inspiration for these little guys.

That reminds me, I want more ink!

 Here is the "Creepeeville Punkin Posse". I never really sculpted mouths and eyesockets before. I usually just push beads in and not include mouths, but after being inspired by so much detailed and imaginative work, I had to make a better effort this time.

Stay tuned for more "Creepeeville" inhabitants.


  1. Your "creepy" cretaions are so clever and cute!! :-)Traci

  2. These are wicked-cute!!!! And I LOVE the tattoo... too cool ;)

  3. Awesome ink! I wish a was that creative with the clay.


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