Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Repurposed bottles for Hallowe'en

I am fortunate enough to have friends and family who enjoy
a stiff drink every so often (or every few minutes, as the case may be),
and are willing to save their empty liquor bottles for me.

They finally stopped asking me what I wanted them for, and
now they dutifully save them without questions.

These Makers Mark bottles are my favorite.
The dripping "wax" is perfect for Hallowe'en.
One less step for me.

I usually remove all of the labels, but thought this one might be used 
in the design somehow. I love these little Patron bottles. I got a whole set 
of Patron samplers for Xmas last year. The coffee liqueur is the only one left.

Due to time constraints, I opted to transform a couple of Starbucks bottles,
as opposed to my coveted  Patron and Makers Mark bottles.

After washing and drying the bottle(s) thoroughly, I added some drops
of alcohol ink to the insides of each bottle. I swished it and swirled it until
the entire inside was covered to my liking. Now I had one purple, and one
orange bottle. I also painted the lids with black gesso.    

Using the SBS image, Collette, I have made her into
a bottle label for what else? Morgue Body Lotion.
Not sure if it's intended for the living, or if it's just made out
of morgue bits. Either way, I'll pass on the moisturization.. 
The label stamp(s) is from Inkadinkado. 

There's our pretty lady, Collette, getting her fill of innards,
or unravelling brain matter.

And what is a creepy bottle without a brain accent?

The days of warty witches seems to be a thing of the past.
The dawn of the beautiful, and flawless witch is upon us!

Used another SBS image, Steampunk Jack and Jill,
for this bottle. I just colored her up, scanned and reduced her 
to make her the right size for the label/bottle. 

I just added some ribbon, cheesecloth (for the spider's web),
another Inkadinkado stamp for the label, and a plastic
spider with some pewter distress ink on it, to finish this bottle.
Oh, and glitter. Lots of glitter on the lids. And on my hands, and face,
and clothes, and floor. Good thing I love sparkly stuff.  

SBS is sponsoring us at HDH for the current challenge.
Drop by and check out what the other Minions have made
using SBS images for the theme of "Zombies and Classic Creeps".

Thanks for stopping by today.
Keep it creepy!!  


  1. I really like your penwork and coloring. It reminds me a bit of my father's watercolors. He works with similarly spooky themes as well.

  2. Glo, these are just awesome. You put so much time and work into your art, and it shows. Love it.

  3. I always love to stop by and see your fabulously creepy much thought and details in all of your projects. These repurposed bottles are is the dripping wax!!!

  4. OMG! Amazing bottles! Yeah, I think I'll skip the moisturizer too, even at MY age LOL
    Fabulous, Glo! xxD

  5. I thought I commented on these! Fab as always, every single crafty arty thing you do is always to the highest standards and outshines even the brightest


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