Saturday, October 5, 2013

The House that Cthulhu Built

Autumn is upon us, and a chill is in the air.
The leaves are turning, and the smell of pumpkin candles
are permeating the funk of summer. Well, in my house anyway.
I am an Autumn People!!!

I have been busy getting my Etsy shop stocked with unique, and affordable
Hallowe'en themed goodies to bring the joy of the season to you.
Even though I set out to create items to sell, sometimes I fall in love with a 
particular piece, and it never sees the shop.
Here is my latest love affair.

This creepy abode started out as a "paint it yourself" wooden house
that my son slathered paint on when he was about three years old.
I hung onto for sentimental reasons, mainly because I didn't
want to hurt his feelings, and because I am a hoarder of  pretty much, everything

I sanded it, then painted it out in gesso, and added different texture mediums.
These steps killed two birds with one stone, as the gesso and textures
served to make the house look cool and cover the previous "artist's vision",
so I had something of a blank canvas once again. 

After painting the house in my favorite shades of  Hallowe'en colors,
I decided to make a bunch of leedle teeny punkins out of polymer clay
to embellish all of the openings of the house.
After making and baking about 25 punkins, I was struck with a vision. 

I saw tentacles coming out of all of the openings in the house.
LOTS of tentacles!
I wanted it to look as if Cthulhu himself, were trying to break free
of the confines of this haunted house.

Mission accomplished!
I am thrilled with the outcome of this piece. It's one of my favorites to date.
I have some similar plans for other houses I have in my stash, but unfortunately
I can only make so many pieces each year. I may have one in my shop before
Xmas, but I have some other holiday projects to complete before I can begin
on a new one.
Check out my Etsy shop and see if there is anything in there
that you can't live without.  
You can use the coupon code : CREEPYG for 15% off your purchase. 
Discount is good through 10/31/13. 

Thanks for stopping by!
Keep it Creepy!     


  1. Absolutely brilliant. So vibrant and cool and wonderful x

  2. Its so cool haw some of the clay is slick. I just love this. Where have you been?

  3. Wow, that sure turned out great! The octopus is brilliant and it totally looks like it's squirming out of the house. Love it!


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