Friday, January 18, 2013

No squares allowed!!!

The new challenge at Sparkle and Glitter is
Anything BUT a Square.
Sounds easy enough, but I found it kinda hard to not go the easy route
and just use a rectangle instead. I went the route of the round for my project.

I now see just how simplistic this looks and wish I had added more 
schtuff to it to make it look more lush. Unfortunately, I ran out of ideas
after the addition of the bulls eye target. I also came to the conclusion that
don't have very many love themed sentiments either. 
Hearts and mushy love are just not my thing. 

I used the awesome "Night Flyer the Succubus" image from Rick St. Dennis.
She has arrows in her hair and I thought she'd make a wicked cupid!!!
I need to find an arrow to stick in the bulls eye now.
I printed the bulls eye from the Internet (Remington site), added a gemstone to the center, and glittered up the grapevine wreath die cut as a frame.

Please join us at Sparkle and Glitter for the new challenge of


  1. Gorgeous, creepy piece! I don't think you need to add anymore schtuff to your card. I think the image in combination with the background says it all. You frickin' rock!

  2. gorgeous, and I'm with LB I like it as it is. you did a great job coloring the digi

  3. Oh this is brilliant, I think it looks just right, Love Hazelxo

  4. I don't think it needs anything extra at all. Looks perfect to me. x

  5. Hey lady! Im an idiot about the internet thang, but you are so amazing!I have another bat vinyl that Ill have to pry from Tommys mind grip. I can do it! He he he! I can chtulluize it for ya! Sorry spelled wrong! Tired and fevered! Woo hoo! Great work to come!
    No really I will make one for you just cause, ya always lift my depressed self doubting soul! Damn thats some cheap therapy!:P

    Hope all is well! Luv ya ta death! :)

  6. Ditto! Perfectly FABULOUS! Love the monochromatic scheme. She makes a damn fine cupid and if you ask me, rectangle shouldn't even be included, round ROCKS. xxD


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