Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome to the Big Top!

I'm running quite late this week and since our
 yearly celebration of Hallow'een fell on a hump day,
I'm late for the mid week inspiration as well.
My little creepy clown is growing up!
He has only just gotten into the scary schtuff.
The challenge this week at HDH is
Hammer House of Horror.
Choose a Hammer film, a Hammer actor, or Hammer movie monster,
and let it be your muse for this challenge.

I am a fan of Hammer films and have watched my fair share of
Hammer monster movies. Peter Cushing has always been my favorite
Hammer actor. I have this awesome ATC drawn by Jim Sheely (ojimbo),
framed and sitting on my desk at all times.
I chose to go with a movie theme, based solely on the film's title.
I chose "Vampire's Circus" , released by Hammer Films back in 1972.
I was alive then, but probably not watching horror movies yet.
I was sold on this film after reading the phrase,
"Human fangs ripping throats - no sawdust can soak up the torrent of blood!" 
They just don't write tag lines like that any more.

Now I realize that the obvious theme to follow would have been the
Vampire element of the film, but I actually went with the
Circus/Fortune Teller idea instead. We just did Vampires last week anyway.
The film features a scheming fortune teller and a little person.
I didn't have a little person digi, but I did have this gorgeous fortune teller
image by Rick St. Dennis called, "Esmeralda", and the perfect tent image to go
with her from RSD as well. 
I like to make step cards because it allows me to use lots
more elements than I am able to use on a basic card.
I added another film poster and the eyes of the original poster for
the background of my creation. 
This is the last scheduled challenge of 2012 for HDH,
so this is your last chance to play along and be eligible for the
Master of the Macabre for October
Well, that's it.
Hope you had a great and festive Hallowe'en!!


  1. What a cool step card, I am so in awe of your colouring skills and creativity.
    Im glad you got the honour of posting post number 666. I did wonder who would get it ;)
    hope Helloween rocked for you guys x

  2. Wow Killer clown costume, really. Love the ATC and your card as usual is TOPS xx

  3. I read you all the time but seldom comment. As far as I'm concerned, you couldn't have picked a better theme. Vampire Circus = pure cinematic genius.

  4. I love Hammer, I love Cushing, I love Vampire I pretty much have no choice but to love this too ~oos and coos over pretty card~

  5. Thanks for letting me know about Papelitos!! I despise people like Chris or Paula or what ever her name is!!!

    Hugs, Sande xx


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