Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lily Munster necklace

The beautiful, Yvonne De Carlo.
Also known as the
Countess of Shroudshire, Lily Munster

A friend of mine had a Hallowe'en (Hallowicked) party last night.
She and her husband were dressed as Herman and Lily Munster.
She had her costume nearly complete, but still needed a necklace. 

The original necklace looks to be cast in a metal of some sort.
I opted to use polymer clay and acrylic paint.
And fancy schmancy jewels for the eyes.  

I tried to stay as true as possible to the original design.
I did make this one a bit chunkier just to keep it more stable.
I broke the first ones wings off since they were so thin at the connection.
Trial and error. 

I had a dream last night that she hated the necklace and refused to wear it
to her party. I'll be trolling for pictures to make sure she wore the damn thing.
Insecure much?


  1. Why wouldn't she wear it!!! Brill clay work as always very creepy cute. xxx

  2. no way! how much would it cost you to make me one of these! I have looked everywhere for one!

  3. Glo you are totally amazing. This piece is exquisite... xxx

  4. Why wouldn't she love such a lovely piece, Lily Munster herself would love it

  5. I love this design. I would wear this any day. I love the idea of casting it in silver. I also really love the purple rhinestone eyes.

  6. That's pretty awesome. I like that alot.

    If you ever wanna talk horror swing by my page


  7. Wow, VERY clever. I love it (I'm sure she did too).

  8. stunning work! a perfect one for my opinion!


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