Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Card Sundae

I realize that I am not known for my cute card style,
but unfortunately, I cannot give Grandma Great a card
with skulls and monsters on it for her birthday.
Sometimes, I have to make cards for the masses, the norms,
the straight laced, and even the religious. Yup, I said it.
I won't say it again though...

So I chose this day of the week to display the cute
side of this creepy bugg. If you don't come here for cute,
... see ya tomorrow.

You have been warned.

Bubble bath = happiness

Discontinued rubber image from Paper Makeup Stamps.
They only have digital images available now.
So sad.
I hope rubber doesn't got the way of the vinyl record
or the hardback book.  

Total sucker for Mo Manning's babies.

How bleepin' cute, right?
Perfect for a boy or a girl card too. Double duty digi.

I have had this "Fly Away" Greeting Farm set for years.
Refused to part with it, and now finally used it.

And destashed this bright, happy paper and
some rhinestones too. 

I have been quite busy coloring images lately.
I'll be making more projects this week to strike a balance
between the creepy and the cute.

Don't wanna lose my Creepy Bitch card.
It's not beneath the Minions to call a mutiny.


  1. Sweet cards - I think it is great you are balancing your cute and creepy creative sides. Those Mo babies couldn't be any cuter and you colored them perfectly!!!

  2. I didn't know you could do non=creepy! :)
    You're good in both genres!!!
    Looking forward to how you use these images.


  3. Those are some pretty fun images. Can't wait to see them on cards but I know already I'll love what you create. Those poppies look AMAZING! I'm loving the Saturated Canary images right now too.


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