Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wretched Wednesday. Yes. Yes, it is.

Today has been kinda funky. I guess I have been funky.
It's the frigging weather! If I wanted to live where it
rains all year I'd move somewhere more magical like
Scotland or Ireland!
I miss the sun.

Which leads me to this week's Macabre Monday challenge.
Not gonna happen today. Too much rain and nothing on my 
project has dried properly, making for a big ol' pile of C-rap!
I am attempting to salvage most of it, but it will take me a day or 
so suture this monster back together.

In the mean time, I have my last "Rag Doll" card.

This is "Lena".
The bat is adorable and easily makes this image my
favorite of the Rag Doll line at SimpyBStamps.

I used the "make your own button" technique, and made
some pink bat charms to match my card. I added some
small glass beads and strung it all on some chain.
Adhered it with a brad, colored the rhinestone with Copics to match,
added some matching ribbon (thanx Dawn!), and this dog will hunt.  

I destashed with that killer cherry paper,
and everything else just kinda fell into place.

Thanks for stopping by.
I will be back tomorrow (is that the sun I see?! No. No, it isn't.)
hopefully, with my "Dali Delusions"
Macabre Monday offering.


  1. she is super cute! I think this is my fave rag doll too because of that bat..just love em' and your home made buttons are awesome! I must find that punch :)

  2. Hey, don't knock it hun! We are having the driest spring ever right here in NE Scotland! LOL
    Farmers are screaming for rain down in England right now too. Thought we'd share a bit with them the last day or two, just to be kind, tee-hee!

  3. Wretched is RIGHT!!!! It's f'ing MAY, not November. However, your card has definitely cheered me up and put me in the mood to SHOP! Yea! xxD

  4. Awesome! Sorry to hear about the rain, we too in So. Cal have been getting rain. Poor Betty has snow in the mtns. in MAY! Anyway love love love your card. The bat charm is sooo cool, I read through your last post and I have to make some of these cool buttons, but do you think I even own any cool halloweenish punches, NOPE just butterflys and hearts sooo now I am on the lookout for cool punches. LOL I knew I should have gotten that MS headstone for 50% off after halloween. What was I thinking?

  5. Superb card love the cherry bg paper with the little skulls on. x


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