Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dali Delusions Macabre Monday offering

Better late than never right?
Collage pieces take a long time to create,
and even longer to dry in the rain!
After some issues with barometric pressure and
humidity, I deconstructed my original project, salvaging what
I could along the way, and started all over again.

I used an 8 x 10 canvas, painted it with metallic acrylics,
and began decoupaging various Salvador images and quotes.

I really fell for this Dali image from The Octopode Factory ,
and wanted him to take center stage on this project.
After coloring him with Copics I glued him to a piece of
card stock. Then after fussy cutting that, I glued some cardboard
to the back in lieu of foam dots for added stability and dimension.
Then I Glossy Accented him for added protection.

I got to use some of those creepy doll eyes, which I thought
were appropriate somehow along with Mr. Hitchcock.
I also managed to destash a bunch of brads, adding a
metallic masculine touch. 

The melting clock is another Octopode image that I felt
needed some Glossy Accents and some cardboard
for stability and dimension also.

Although glitter doesn't tend to show up on camera,
I did use some gorgeous black glitter from Doodlebug
to accent that cwazy mustache! I used touches of glitter and
Stickles throughout this project for some serious sparkle!
I also continued using various quotes around the outter edges
for some more interest.

I really enjoyed stepping out of my creative box and making
a pretty cool collage hanging to represent my fondness of not
only Salvador Dali's art, but his profound words as well.

Thanks for stopping by!    


  1. Pretty awesome stuff hun! Love the collage and all the little details! Must have taken forever - and twice as well, LOL

  2. This is SUPERB. This is well something that would sell or in my case if I had made something like this (in my dreams!) I wouldn't be able to part with it. You have outdone yourself this time mrs creepy pants x

  3. great collage! love the colours you have used!

  4. AWESOME! I love Dali. There is an amazing Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL that I got to visit. It was TOTALLY amazing. They had 4 out of the six ENORMOUS canvases that he did, and a fantastic collection that spanned all his different periods! Of course the other thing that made me totally happy is that I collect pint glasses, and they had a Dali pint glass in the museum gift shop! So now I can drink my brew from a glass with melting clocks all over it, which seems both ironic and fitting at the same time! What the heck, it makes me happy! Also happy happy to see you using your creepy watermarks, you go gimp girl!


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