Thursday, May 5, 2011

More of my "collections"...

I have been so busy as of late with special orders
for clay items and personal projects, not to mention
DT obligations. I love the artistic side of it all, but
I am not a fan of the chaos is creates with my scheduling.
I am a military brat, so I'll blame my anal retentive
scheduling on my First Sargent Father and his boot camp-ish ways. 

I'm gonna show you some more of my collections until I have
some completed art projects to share.

Sid and Marty Krofft were a huge part of my childhood.
I spent many an afternoon glued to the tv watching the
Krofft Supershow! and wishing I was Dyna Girl. I have a few VHS
tapes of the Supershow! so I could make sure my son is a fan too.
I finally managed to win a vintage Pufnstuf lunchbox and
a Lidsville lunchbox on Ebay. I still have to take pictures of my
lunchboxes. I have many old metal lunchboxes that remind me of my
childhood. Ahh, nostalgia.
I also have some toys from Stephen Spielberg's cartoon,
"Toonsylvania", man I loved that show.
There are also some collectibles from the pop artist, Shag. 
I have some of his art tattooed on me and figured I should have 
some of his collectibles like a Disney scrapbook he designed.
He is the artist responsible for the awesome 40th Anniversary art
and merchandise for the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. He is awesome!!

Trolls!! LOVE them! The original Norfin in the back with the
white hair is my favorite. He was supposed to be a groom,
but I decided he was more of an undertaker.
I also have some Where the Wild Things Are collectibles too.     

I've been collecting Nightmare Before Christmas for quite
a while, and this is most of my collection, minus a few
snow globes and a Sally potion pot that reside in my hutch.

Jim Henson is my lord and saviour. Really. No joke. 
Here are some of my Muppets collectibles and some
Disneyana as well. 

I am a collector of bits and bobs. What to do with all this
cute crap?! I made an ornament tree using stuff I made, found,
or bought.   

What is a Glowbugg without her buggs?!
Just a few.

Poison anyone? LOVE the old glass bottles
and how they shine in my windows.
I even scored a matching dram cup with one of my
Poison bottle purchases. 

Some bats I am working on for this year's Hallowe'en ornaments.

And lastly, another hand me down from
Marcom Manor.
Too bad he's not real.

Thanks for taking a peek into my world.

Next stop, vintage lunchboxes. 


  1. wow this is all so cool! you have some great stuff!! your Nightmare before Christmas collection rocks! and I'm loving those bats your making!

  2. I want to come live at your house!! You have some great things.

    I'm actually going to get off my butt and take a picture of your fabulous bat hanging on my tree, I swear! He's so cute.

  3. Can I be your friend??? You are super cool and have super cool tings!!! And of course you make super-duper cool stuff!!! You ooze coolness!!! But thats why I lub you! The bats are friggin adorable!
    XOXOX Cursteen

  4. Wowwwww!!! I love all your schtuff!!! Great bits and bobs!!!

  5. Love your collections and your new bat ornaments totally rock x

  6. Just noticed your witches head in the background she looks amazing mounted. x

  7. i love jack and nightmare before christmas... i have something you will like coming this week...
    well i hope you will like it, i get mixed feelings since that time we met for fruit roll-ups in the mall... me in my purple sweater and you accompanied by the authorities...


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