Monday, May 23, 2011

Sometimes, I am amazed......

at how freaking awesome I am!

First, a small disclaimer:

I am a grown up. My art is intended for like-minded,
grown ups. It is (almost) never, that I will intentionally
create something to cause duress, or insult to the viewer.
My art is for me and if you happen to like it, cool. If not, then
that's cool to, I just don't wanna hear ya whine about it.
You've been warned.

A week or two ago I met a friend at a place called, Petroglyphs.
It's one of those, you pick the green ware, then pick your
paints, paint your object, they glaze it and fire it for you,
and in a few days you have a piece of ceramic art, or in my case,
crap. It was my first time doing this since elementary school, but
I had hoped for perfection right out of the gate.
Didn't happen.

So, I went to the local thrift store and perused the
statuary they had for sale and found a couple of
religious diamonds in the rough.

I still have to complete the angel,
but Buddha is bad ass!

I am so happy with how this turned out!
I could use a little more practice applying the wash
to a larger piece, but otherwise,
he's awesome! 

I love the way the blood dripped for me!
The splatter I applied by flicking a tooth brush
dipped in red paint. Perfect effect.

When I showed my husband he says,
"How come you have to put blood all  over their mouths?"
Really? Are you new here?
Been together for almost 25 years and you'd think
we just met. 

I am a vendor at a craft show in a few weeks and had anticipated
selling this and the angel, but am not sure now.
I don't want to offend anyone, or lose any sales as result, so I may
list them on my Etsy site, or I may just keep them.

I'll  be back with the angel tomorrow.
Same disclaimer, but now you know
what you're in for.


  1. I think he is awesome! but then again I have a warped mind and think that zombies are the coolest ever!

  2. I love this guy and what a fantastic idea. I really don't know what to suggest with displaying them in public. By all rights these guys so need to be displayed, but their are plenty of nutters who wouldn't agree and may take offence, might be better to only show them to customers who engage with you and pass the good vibe test?
    Now I'll have to keep an eye out when I visit thrift shops, such a great idea.

  3. Oh I would be careful cos there is nothing more terrifying than an angry buddhist coming at ya with a rolled up meditation matt trying to assault you! Hehe, excellent paint job by the way x

  4. I love them! Keep the art work coming.....I'm a follower of yours but I do in silance, but had to comment on the art work. Bravo!

  5. That is wicked awesome, like a buddha zombie!

  6. I can't stop chuckling! Your Buddha cracks me up! Better check out your demographics, though. Just sayin'... xxD


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