Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valentine Emo Preview - Lola

I have another Valentine Emo preview for you today.

Here is Lola, in all her purple and pink glory!

I am not a big fan of hearts or red in general, so I tend
to go with pinks and purples for Valentine projects.
I found this gorgeous ribbon on clearance at Mike's and it
was perfect for this card. I pulled the damn wire outta the stuff before
I attempted to tie it in a bow, this time.
Yeah, I can be a slow learner sometimes.

I am still getting the hang of my new camera so the pics are a bit
blurry(?), unfocused(?), washed out(?).
Not really sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'm sure the answer is buried deep
in the instruction manual somewhere.

Drop by the SBS blogs for more previews and release info.


  1. You don't like red!!! The colouring on this image is divine. Love the colours you have used and the ribbon is so cool. You are amazing x

  2. I love the coloring and the matting. Bow just ties it all together.

  3. Well isn't she a little vixen and I love how you colored her. Adorable, Glo! xxD

  4. Gloria, I love the pink and purple color combo and that ribbon is gorgeous!

  5. I just ♥ Lola in her purple & pink glory! She's gorgeous! Oh did you get a camera for christmas? ME TOO! AND I'm having the same problem as you! Blurry in some spots but on manual mode it focuses and then when I transfer ... I dunno. Still playing too. It looks good from here tho!! Hugs!!

  6. OK my Creepy Glowing team mate....you dont like RED?!?! The colour of....um..... Blood?!?! WT?? that really surprises me....
    That being said... I LOVE how you've coloured Lola! She's gorgeous! And your colouring skills are out of this world!

  7. Hey Gloria!
    HNY! I love the purple and how you colored this little vixen! Her hair is GORGEOUS and if I had the legs, I'd totally be sporting those stockings!


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