Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Handsome

My husband finally caught up with me this week
and turned 40!
He refused any kind of party or fan fare, other than
making tamales. Must be getting old. No party?! 

I made him a really cute card though.

I used "Scott" from
Simply Betty Stamps "Sweet Gothic World Kids" line.

He immediately reminded me of my husband back when he
was a teenager. Must have been the goatee. Plus, my husband has
a skeleton tattoo on his arm like the image does.

The pinata originally had a "Happy Birthday" sentiment on it,
but I totally mucked it up so bad while coloring it that I had to 
cover it with something! I had this chipboard sticker and it fit 
pretty well. I also "destashed" and used some metal embellishments
for the Happy Birthday sentiment. 

He liked the card, but he loved his plain cheesecake and 
12 pack of Blue Moon Seasonal Sampler. 


  1. Wow this card is killer. Very very cool indeed. Ooh I love plain cheesecake in fact I love most cheesecake but have no idea except to guess that blue mooon is beer~? Hope he had a good time even without a shindig x

  2. Great card, Glo! and could you have found any better paper? Absolutely PERFECT! And Happy B-Day to DH. xxD

  3. Hey this turned out really cool!! Happy birthday to your hubby. Mine turns 40 in a month!! Must start thinking about his card now. Jeeps!!

  4. Hey, I would treasure the card EQUALLY with the Blue Moon beer, my absolute fave!


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