Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chapter 46: Queen Alice

"Hush-a-by lady, in Alice's lap!
Till the feast's ready, we've time for a nap.
When the feast's over, we'll go to the ball -
Red Queen, and White Queen, and Alice, and all!"
~ "Queen Alice", Through The Looking-Glass

We here at Oh Alice, hereby cordially invite you to meet Iracebeth the Red Queen of Crims and Mirana the White Queen. Iracebeth and Mirana are sisters who couldn't be more different: while the White Queen is kind and gentle and is loved by everyone, the Red Queen's answer to everything is "Off with their heads!"

To honor our Royal Highnesses, we challenge you to choose which Royal Court you would want to have rule over you, the Red Queen's or the White Queen's???
So the challenge this week, if you should choose to accept it, is to create a card/project that is either mostly white or mostly red.

This week's Oh, Alice challenge is being sponsored by

I am working with "Josh".

He is such a cutie.

Some may even call him a "heart breaker".

Lots of fun working with the adorable image provided by Baby Bud Designs.
Drop by their site and check out their digital images.

Short post for me today.
I'm losing the fight against this heinous cold I've been given.
Must stagger away now... 


  1. well I must say even with a heinous cold your card making abilities are still at their height x

  2. This is JUST darling! haha heartbreaker is right! What a fabulous challenge card, Gloria! Thank you for all you do for Oh, ALice and for the wonderful insight I always find on your blog-you ROCK!

  3. That is perfectly said and done. Awesome, awesome card. He is so darn cute, and in that heart!!! How creative..just adorable.
    Mary Anne

  4. Heartbreaker is right, he is so cute. Look at the hair on that guy, oh my. Super fun card.

  5. What a Heart Breaker, love it:)

  6. This is a heart breaker.. Such a darling little image. Great card.. as always!!
    Hugs, Linda

  7. LOVE this! Red is definitely the way to go. so fab , Glo! Feel better soon, hon. xxD

  8. So cute! Love the heart and the mulberry paper
    love tasha xx

  9. Fabulous card, I kept looking for the creepy but it is really darling, lol!!!! Fantastic coloring, love the texture, everything is great!


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