Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zombies, zombies everywhere, and not a moment to think.

Finally, I have completed the zombie sculpture
for the Shriner's Children's Hospital fundraiser.

I am so pleased with how this turned out.
I wouldn't be upset in the least if my client decided she didn't
want it after all. 
I think I could live with seeing these rotting little faces
everyday if I had to.

This month is insanely busy for me, so I haven't been 
posting much outside of my DT stuff.
My Etsy shoppe has been keeping me very busy as well, and 
I gots ta make me monies ya know!!

Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. I wouldn't want to part with this it is amazing you are such a talent!!!! I am green with envy hehe x

  2. You've definitely found your niche. This is fantastic Gloria! The kids at Shriners are going to LOVE this. Keep on doing what you love and the monies will come :-)

  3. So cool. You out did yourself on this one!

  4. This is amazing. I love it. I don't blame you for wanting to keep it. Might have to recreate it so you have one of your very own.

  5. Oh my gosh, this is so stinkin' CUTE!!!!!! LOVE this!!!!

  6. These are FANTASTIC! You are so talented! :-)Traci

  7. It turned out great! My favorite part is the foot lying on the ground. LOL

  8. OH WOW I LOVE THEM!! You did such an excellent job!! hee hee I hope for your sake she doesn't want them either. LOL!

  9. This is amazing Glo... I love it.... you are a simply the most talented artist...

  10. This is so cool!!! My favorite part is where his foot has fallen off, too, too funny!!!


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