Monday, October 25, 2010

HDH062 Smeared and Smudged

This has been the busiest month ever! I have finally found some time to stop and breathe after numerous involved projects and a Hallowe'en party are finally over!
I still have some back burner projects to complete, but the bulk of my load is
With that being said, let's get back on track with
the newest challenge from Haunted Design House

This week's Macabre Monday is sponsored by Smeared Ink.
The challenge was to be as inky and smeared and smudged as possible.
Apparently I didn't get the memo.

I did use a very cool image from Smeared Ink
called, "Ghouly Witch" though. 

I am quite fond of the old creepy images of witches and demons,
and I am sure I will be using this one again very soon.
I really like the look of the drawn image against the
black and white photo of a cemetery.
I added some crystal Stickles to the trees and the tops of the
headstones for some added interest. 

Terra and Tori from Smeared Ink have some really unique and odd
images available in both digital and rubber.
This week's Gruesome Twosome get their choice of a
Smeared Ink digi set!
What are you waiting for? Go get inky!!!

Here is a quick picture of my make-up from my Hallowe'en party
this past Saturday.
I went with a pretty simple Day of the Dead theme.
I decided to go with a black and white flourish design
as opposed to the fleurs and colors and schtuff. 
Truth be told, I didn't leave myself very much time to get ready before
my guests started arriving and this was as good as it was going to get!
I wish I had enough time to put the spider web in the middle of my forehead,
but it was really hard to keep everything symmetrical and to apply this on myself!
Luckily, one of my artsy friends was able to help me get the left side of my face to match the right side. Thanks Dani!


  1. Oooh....creepy and cool! LOVE IT!

  2. You look fantastic - very elegant and spooky! :-)Traci

  3. You are so welcome... anything for my bestest girl.

  4. your makeup looks superb the swirls look so exact and perfect, I can't even put my eyeliner on straight, your card is excellent very odd and unique itself x


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