Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday, schmirthday

This is the year that myself, and quite few of my close friends all turn the big four oh.
Turning 30 or 35 really didn't phase me. 
Not really too hung up in the numbers in the past.
As I look at everyone around me and see how everyone else has aged it seems strange that
I still manage to maintain my youthful glow and zest for life.
What a crock!
I hate to look at my hands as I see how my age is reflected in their "crepe paper" like texture, and age lines. A sure giveaway to most ladies' age is their hands.
I still have until September to cling to my thirties, but my best friend is turning 40 tomorrow and I have to go pick her up at the home and take her out for soft serve and an eye test.
She's gonna love that!
I picked up this image of 'Mr. Piddles', from Eat Cake Graphics, and knew immediately that I wanted to pair him with a cake for a cute birthday card.
I used the cake and sentiment from the "Bitty Birthday" set from SU.
I have been using the Glossy Accents quite a bit lately, and used it here on the cake frosting along with some Stickles on the candles.
I'm going to go put some lotion on my old, ashy hands now.   

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  1. Dang woman... it's not even close to your birthday yet, and we're going to have to hide all of the sharp objects ;)

    Seriously cute card... totally giggled out loud :)... like, totally... does that phrase bring back memories :)


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