Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't let the cute face fool ya

Girls can be so evil.
Way more evil than any boy is even capable of being.
That's not to imply that boys aren't evil.
I know. I have a ten year old who gives me periodic glimpses as to what is to come in his teen years.
(I should probably just have my voice box removed now, and avoid all the yelling to come.)

But girls, ...

... pure evil in a pink dress.
This little angel reminds me of the bad guys from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV show.
The episode where they stole every one's voices and the creepy bleepers just floated around the town, smilin'.
Love this creepy chick! She's my newest Torrente baby.
What a purty smile she's got.
Thought this was a perfect sentiment for the little toothy doll, and a seemingly
typical thought of a teen full of angst.

Please note the ingenious use of recycling with the netting from a bag of limes as background texture.
That stuff was not easy to tack down! Got to use a bunch of brads though.  

Take that, Macabre Monday #28!!!


  1. Fantastic! Me likey the sentiment alot ;) And we LOVE recycling!! Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  2. Oh I like this, the netting behind it is perfect, and such a wicked smile

  3. Very cool card! I love the netting! That Buffy episode was probably the creepiest to me! Although I still laugh when I think of the scene where Buffy mimes staking someone and Xander misinterprets her motions! :-)Traci

  4. The skull and crossbone cherries work beautifully with 'Karin'. Clever. :0)

  5. Such a cool card@ Love it and the netting is awesome!!!



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