Sunday, October 18, 2015

Less of a hop, more of a shamble

I am kind of super excited to share today's post with you!
Ya see, I have this friend named, Jessa, and she has a blog called,
Not only does Jessa make the most amazing CAS cards, but she
is also quite the talented artist. She draws the cutest critters and monsters.
And she gives them away for FREE!! Yes, all of her images are freebies.
She's cool like that. Reeeeally cool, right?

Today Jessa is releasing some new Halloween Edition images,
and has asked a few of us to shamble along with her and show off our
sample projects.  

The is Igor Van Gore.
I don't think he has any idea how cute he really is.
Did I forget to mention that not only does Jessa give away her images,
she usually includes various sentiments, too? Igor comes with a blank board 
so you can add any message you want for any occasion. 
The one I used comes with Igor. And it's pretty much how I feel every year.  

This guy's name is Happy, the Narwhal.
Now this giddy fellow isn't actually part of the new release, but I did
gussy him up a bit using the bat with nail accessory that comes with 
the new Zombie Cookie Jar set. 
The sentiment is from the original Cookie Jar, the Unicorn set. 
All of which are available at Useless Trinkets. Right now.
But don't run off just yet...

And then we have this little lady.
Edey is her name. Libraries and brains are her game. 
Adorbs, right? And I don't use that hideous term willy nilly.
She's worth the eye rolls for that one.

I am loving the newest additions to the fabulous freebies
Jessa has to offer. I suggest you head right on over to  
Useless Trinkets and check out all of the fun and quirky digital
images available. For free, in case I failed to make that clear earlier.  

Here is the hop order for your hopping convenience.
Stop by and leave some love for the incredible sample projects.
Gloria - you are here
Jennifer, Katrin und Lisa



  1. OMG!!! These are absolutely ADoRBS! LOL No really, these guys are right up your (and my) alley. Too stinkin' CAYUTE and for FREE!!! I'm still wrapping my head around that one. FAbulous makes. That first one is especially YOU! xxD

  2. A brain is a wonderful thing to taste ... that is pretty adorbs, actually. And we all know how I feel about zombies! **insert eyeroll here**

  3. OMG!! one card more creepy than the other! is this a brain-button????????? wow.....and the stupid happy narwal, I do not want to know what he did.. aahhhhhhh

  4. Gloria, your cards are amazing!!! My favorite is Happy with his modified bat :).
    And I am totally in love with your coloration of all these cuties. I hope to Blog Hop with you again.

  5. My dear Glo, I just cracked up when I saw Happy with the Axe. For real. I laughed so hard, it ended in tears!

    Thanks a lot for your kind words, the support and your creativity!



  6. Wow Gloria, your colouring is amazing!!! And your card are just awesome. So funny. Thanks for this great blog hop :)



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