Sunday, March 10, 2013

Drop Dead Gorgeous WIP

The second week of the Haunted Design House
Drop Dead Gorgeous challenge begins today.

As usual, I am running behind.
My nickname in high school was the "Lag Master".
My license plate frame read: The Lag Master has arrived.
Yeah, it was that bad.
Still kinda is apparently.
I am bit intimidated by the challenge of painting my project. 
But I want to try. That may have something to do with my slow going. 

Here is a peek at my current progress.

Sketched and background blocked out

Skin and hair roughly added, and my feeble attempt at blending
the skin tones. 

Smoothed out some of the skin tones, added some dimension to 
her wounds, and painted her top (what's left of it). 

Added some color highlights to the hair and lips.
So far so good.

I'll pop in with the finished painting sometime later today or tomorrow.

Keep it CREEPY!!


  1. Feeble attempt at skin tones (are you mad!?) The skin tones are perfect, it is ALL perfect. x

  2. OMG! I LOVE her! Can't wait to see her finished. She's absolutely GORGEOUS (and has quite the bodacious ta ta's)! LOL xxD


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