Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wait, how much was this?

It is no big secret that I like to shop.
I like to shop for crafting supplies, things to re purpose, cool chachkies,
antiques, and curiosities.
I would love to be an estate sale coordinator. I enjoy many facets of
collectibles, antiques, and crap. I think I have a bit of an eye for it.

Last week I happened upon a yard sale and found this cookie jar.
This is a California Originals cookie jar. I haven't been able to place an
actual date on it, but the company started in 1945 and closed their
doors in the early 1980's. They were quite prolific in the production
of pottery artware, and many of their jars are worth quite a it of money in
today's market. I bought it for $10 and have seen them sell for anywhere
from $5 to $110. Not a bad investment.

Since I can't stand to go another minute without some sort of
Walking Dead in my life, I broke down and purchased the
first 50 issues compendium. I am usually not in the habit of reading
a book after I have started the TV show or movie (True Blood), but I have
heard that it is well worth the time to read the actual comics.
I'll let you know.
I also picked up the #100 issue in 6 of the available 12 variant covers. 

Welcome little one!
This is my second art sculpt from the fabulously talented,

Ack! Look at those little toes!!!
And those wings and that tail!!!

He's sleepin'.

Lastly, I have my newest, sweetest baby(ies) to show you.

Oh my!! So sweet!!!
Fresh from China!

Two heads are always better than one.
Even if this is only a gaff, it's beautifully done!

All nestled into their new cloche, looking dapper.
I'm currently thinking of names.
I like Pip and Pop, or Ping and Pong, the best so far.  

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's ok to read the Walking Dead comic while watching the show. The story lines go in different directions enough to make each one it's own thing.

  2. I'm missing the Walking Dead myself. It's filmed about an hour from my house. My son-in-law is in charge of the 'greens' dept on set. I have yet got on set. But I will!!! Still trying to become one of the zombies....LOL

  3. I love seeing your collections. My hubby and I were in a shop today in Glasgow and we were looking at stuff and he said bet Creepy Glowbugg would like that hehe. 'WE' got you a vinyl sticker and a keychain to put away for your birthday pack too. Very cool collection you have x

  4. okay, i need to party with you... my wife doesn't find the hunt and find as fun as you... sidenote: i am getting a job in the estate sale market, where i help carry the peoples' cars... and general runner.

  5. WOW, SCORE! You've been a busy gal! Lovin' your finds. The ducks take me back. I had one as a kid. Not two headed though. Love Ping and Pong. And OMG, Jackie's work is divine! xxD

  6. Wow. Cool finds and stuff. I keep meaning to get round to the walking dead.

    Have you seen the trailer for cockneys vs zombies? Think you might like. ;-).

  7. your love of the strange and unusual makes me heart you more.


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