Thursday, March 8, 2012

Smashed Canary

I am a fan of the Saturated Canary images
so brilliantly drawn by Krista Smith.

So fun to color and create with her images!

I follow her blogs and saw a post she wrote about
SMASH Books.
Now I remember Slam books (which were usually confiscated)
from junior high school, but this Smash concept was still new to me.
Or so I thought.

This is a composition notebook that I turned into
a scrap book of sorts quite some years ago.
Notice the custom electrical tape running down the left side.
Nice and durable construction. Electrical tape was my friend
way before I met duct tape.
Love the fancy layering and torn edges there too.
I think I used watercolor colored pencils to color that image. 

She's a little thick just like her Mama.

Here are the templates to some of my tattoos.
I usually don't like to leave them behind for
portfolio flash - even though most of it's flash anyway. 

Here is a page of drawings from my son, Gryphon
when he was a little guy.

Here are some clippings and fortunes and
miscellaneous artwork that I liked and collected.

Some of these are just comical if you know me.
Charm and courtesy are my middle names. 

I had to get kitty in there. Believe me, she's got more than
a few pages devoted to her and her artwork/toys/etc...
The picture on the right is by one of my favorite artists,
He knew how to draw a real woman in comic form.
He also wrote the popular adult comic, Cheech Wizard
from the late 60's and 70's.

So there is my version of a SMASH book.
I was so ahead of my time on this one!  
I've also likened this book to my Spellbook.
It holds so many bits of me and what I like and
hope to aspire to, and who I used to be and who I
have become.

I'd like to enter this into the giveaway on Krista's blog


  1. Amazing. I always love others books like this but never can do one myself. You are quite the little artist x

  2. This is awesome Glo. I love the way you colored the Bikini girl and your Smash/Slam book is awesome and I love your art.
    I hope you are doing well.

  3. Oooh - that SC image is sooo cool and I love the way you coloured her.
    A Smash book eh? Hmm - I love yours and I went to peek at the link you left, but I'm still not sure of the concept. What is the difference between Smash/Slam - are they like art journals... do you just stick whatever you want in them ?
    Am I just being dense ??? !!! LoL xxx


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