Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CalTrans: A Real Nightmare

I used to work for CalTrans, here in California. It is the department of transportation and I was a heavy equipment mechanic apprentice and then I worked the highways in So Cal as a landraper (landscaper).
Once I ended my working relationship with the "good 'ol boy" program, I used my old CalTrans shirt as a Halloween costume. It always scared the crap outta me anyway. I still get a nervous twitch when I see the color "Omaha Orange".
This year, while perusing the local ASPCA thrift store, my son zeroed in on a CalTrans shirt. I did not deliberately influence him on this at all.

Here is my costume from like 12 years ago.

I have actaully worn this costume a few times. I have gotten some "mileage" out of it. Hee hee.
Maybe next year, the boy and I will go as twins.


  1. Yep! You're right. The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the rotten apple tree! You must be so proud :-)

  2. You both look so lovely. The orange is so very very flattering.
    I once had a VW beetle convertible that was orange, it looks much better on the car.


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