Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary to the Corpsegrynders

One of my very best friends Katt, and her husband of five years, Josh celebrated their anniversary yesterday and this is the card that I made for them using Anya and Ian stamps from The Greeting Farm.

Katt and Josh are such unique "characters", that it was realitively easy and fun to make this card for them. It was a bit frustrating trying to get her hair right, but it came out perfect in the end.
Josh and his signature goatee (flocked) and tattoos. It was hard to give the tattoos any details, so I just sorta got the shapes and colors close enough to make it obvious.
They LOVED their card and that makes it worth all the effort.


  1. You have out done yourself yet again...cute as hell!!!

  2. I absolutely loved it! You couldn't have gotten us down any better. --Katt


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