Monday, December 21, 2015

Warm and Fuzzy

Man, I feel like Rip Van Winkle. Like I just woke up
from a long slumber only to find it's Christmas already!!
California is finally getting some much needed rain, 
the Sierra's are filling up with lots of gorgeous snow,
and the chilly temps are making it hard to walk away from the 
space heater under my desk.

I did mange to do some work finally, after being sick for over two months.
I guess the ol' immune system isn't what it used to be.

The new challenge at Aurora Wings is
Warm and Fuzzy.
I always loved this adorable image, and it was the first one 
I thought of using for this challenge. 
Have you ever seen baby penguins? They're so chubby and fluffy!!!   

This image is called, 'Baby Penguin in Santa Hat'.
I colored him up using Copics and a google search reference photo.
I never realized they're fluff was so beautiful, going from jet black, 
to the softest of grays, and then pure white. I rouged his cheeks up
a bit since it is so chilly and all.  

I cut out a TH die using grunge board, painted it white, applied
some Dream Weaver crackle paste, and waited. And waited, and waited
for it to start to crack. It took what seemed life forever, and then I added 
a brown wash to accentuate the cracks. I hated it immediately, so I tried a 
red wash. Still wasn't thrilled, but managed to make it work with the help
of some Diamond Dust on the edges.

I popped some ribbon through the hole and hung him
on the tree. Now I want to make more. Lots more!
There are so many perfect images to use at Aurora Wings
that the possibilities are endless. Now that I've got my technique
(sorta) figured out, I may make some as gifts for friends and family.  

I hope you'll join us over at Aurora Wings challenge blog
where there is never a shortage of beautiful inspiration and
a fun challenge to spark your creativity.

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
and Season's Greetings!! 



  1. EEEEK! Such a cutie! I just want to pinch his furry little cheeks! Love the crackle with the red wash and the fab diamond dust. What an adorable ornament! xxD P.S. Hope you feeling better soon. xxxx

  2. Glo, this is so cute!! The crackle paint wish additional wash and sparkly edge makes the whole thing look like a magical geode egg from which this cute and cuddly baby penguin is dancing out of. Love it!! Thank you so much for another awesome inspiration for our latest challenge at Aurora Wings. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    Mitzi xxx

  3. Jeez you were sick for two months, Glo? I should quit whining about being down for three weeks, shouldn't I? I agree though - the immune system sure isn't what it used to be. :P

    That's probably the cutest Xmas ornament I've ever seen. But how come it's not a Zombie Penguin? This seems so unlike you! Maybe you're still not quite back to normal. Are you drinking coffee yet? That might be the problem. LOL Hugs to you and a very merry whatever holiday you may celebrate. <3


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