Friday, August 7, 2015

Sweet Sundae Sprite

My name is Gloria, and I have a Sprite addiction.
Well, specifically, Aurora Wings Sprites. Can you blame me?
Each one is cuter than the next. After over 50 (60+?) Sprites,
Mitzi still manages to create new, and adorable versions for
our coloring, and crafting pleasure. She's pretty cool like that.

Today marks the release of the newest addition to the Sprite family,

How freaking adorable is this?
Pretty freaking adorable, if I do say so myself.
I have never colored ice cream or syrups before, so this gave
me quite a challenge. It took me hours to finally get it colored.
Most of that time was spent stressing over color choices, and 
figuring out how to color whipped cream.
As you can see, I caved and covered my whipped cream dollops with
Rock Candy Distress dry glitter. Apparently you can only use
that colorless blender so much to remove inks before you end
up with mud.

What better way to celebrate than with ice cream, right?

Such a fun, and super sweet image to work with.
Be sure to drop by the Aurora Wings Showcase blog
to check out all of the stunning and diverse DT samples
of this new image. 


  1. Yeah, I 'd say there were few coloring challenges on this one but you ROCKED it! Love how you've framed it, too. Totally YUMMY! xxD

  2. This is such a cute card Gloria. Love the new image and the bright colours you used. Just so sweet and yummy.

  3. Glo, you must have been up even later than I was last night. XD I went to bed at 2 am after fiddling with the colored preview of this baby myself. When I drew this, I thought, "Oh, this will be fun to color", but then once I got started, I realized that this is kind of daunting with whipped cream, syrup, shiny fruits, and a glass bowl - lots of different textures. I'll have to redo my background on mine as my final piece is now 'hard to read'. LOL

    I love your inspiration piece here!! Love your coloring and color palette - hot pink and green really make them pop - all in your distinct style! Thank you for your great inspiration piece for this new release today.

    Mitzi xxx

  4. Glo, you did an amazing job on this sprite. Really 60 sprites? I think that I need to go shopping. Anyway, I always admire your pink skin. Your coloring talents are amazing. Thanks so much for all your inspiration.


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