Monday, May 18, 2015

A Quick Haunted Word

So I survived Mother's Day, and true to form,
I didn't do what my Dad told me to do. 
I still plan to write a letter to my Mom, 
but I just couldn't bring myself to do it on Mother's Day. 
I was already having a really hard time, and opted not to 
dive into the most painful part of my life. My fear was that
I may not come back. Ever been afraid to really feel the pain?
I am terrified, but know it will help me heal. All in good time.

I do have a really cool project to share with you today.
Been keeping busy creatively. Idle hands and all that... 

First up is the second half of the Haunted Design House challenge:
Can I Have a Quick Word?
I chose one of my favorite words that doesn't begin with an "F",
and used WEIRD.
 Weird on Google search comes up with a definition of:
suggesting something supernatural; uncanny.
Funny that some of the synonyms for weird are 
odd, bizarre, awful, creepy, spooky, ghastly, freaky, strange,
magical , haunting, grotesque, kooky, etc...
More of my favorite words.

I began with a box frame I have had for months (years?).
I knew it would be perfect for a cool shadowbox display, and as it
turns out, I was right!
I distressed the box with a cool TH hammer with various tips
to give cool textures for aging and distressing. 
 I painted the box red and then black, all the while distressing
as I went along to each layer. I painted some wooden feet
and then gave them a coat of Rock Candy crackle paint. 

I have had this clear embossing paste from Dreamweaver Stencils for a while,
 and was inspired to use it on all sides of this box as soon as my new 
Dyan Reaveley  skull stencil arrived. It goes on very well, and I was worried it
was going to remain kinda rubbery, but once it cured completely ( a couple of days)
it was fine. I am loving the new stencil, too. It comes in a larger size, but this
one will do for now...

One can never have too many doll heads...
I salvaged this one from my kid and chopped the back of
her head off to fit in the frame/box better. I painted her with black gesso
to give me a good base to work with. I used a crackle technique on her
to give a cracked porcelain doll feel.    

As I was waiting for the head to dry onto the frame backing,
I used some TH wood letters and some Scrabble tiles to spell, weird
I used the TH hammer to distress the "W" and added some black acrylic wash and 
lime green Inka Gold metallic rub. I used distress paint daubers on the "E',
and white distress paint on the "I" to make it stand out. The "R" got a
smattering of Diamond Dust, and the "D" got a coat of  
green antiquing cream from DecoArt's Media line. 
I really LOVE how the "D" turned out. That is a great product!  

Once I arranged everything the way I wanted, I glued everything
down using Glossy Accents. I usually never use GA as a glue,
but I wanted to make sure this thing wasn't going to fall apart
any time soon.

I used some Pork Chop Show wooden pieces, along with various TH bits
and bobs. I used some mirrors, too.

One of my favorite parts is the eyeball on the top. I used a plastic doll
eye I bought on ebay, and glued it onto one of those TH specimen pins.  

I love the way the plastic TH dolly looks almost like
a negative image in the face after distressing it with black soot
distress paint, and then rubbing some of it off. TH star, and skull and crossbones
made there way onto this, too. I added some Firefly Stickles to the little bottle
to help spread the green color around a bit.

I generously coated the inside walls of the box with
platinum glass glitter. Kinda reminds me of the
genie on Pee Wee's Playhouse, Jambi

Okay that's it for my weird HDH creation. 
I love it. How about you?

I'd like to enter this in the following challenges:


  1. Just AWESOME !!! I really adore this piece Glo :-D xxxxx

  2. You handle each day one at a time.. some good, some bad and some you keep creating this type of crazy cool designs.


  3. BEAUTIFUL piece, Glo! I'm totally enamored with it.

  4. 100% gorgeous - love the fact that each time I see this, I spot another detail!! So much fun, so many techniques and elements......and even some glitter....because we all need a little sparkle in our lives. Thanks for sharing at LOC Glo - good luck xx

  5. This just made me smile, you have created some amazing texture and dimension and I love how you added the word 'weird' and the crackle on the doll's head looks wonderful. Thanks so much for joining in at Inspiration Journal this month. Anne x

  6. So creepy and weird, I love it. I see something new overtime I take a peek! Thanks for sharing at LOC, Lou x

  7. Fantastic project! It really is creepy and the textures are awesome! Thank you for joining us at Mixed Media World! Ingrid x

  8. You just blow my mind away with your creations. Amazing. x

  9. I admire this project! To say I love it is an under-statment! I more then love it! It so rocks! I love each piece of really cool looking stuff you put on here the time and creativeness is just brilliant! You have to tell me what you are going to do with this, I am so curious? I think it's worth a million bucks! I want to touch and hug it! Yes I want to fondle this piece! I'm in Love :)

  10. Wow this is stunning in non pretty way. I absolutely love how you created this canvas. Thanks for playing along with MMW hugs Debs xx


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