Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Check out my Smudgy Antics!

Creepy Glowbugg here to share my project for the current
Anything Goes (as long as you use a Smeared Ink image)
Smudgy Antics challenge.

I have finally decided to make some Creepmas/Hexmas cards.

I am using the wicked cool Dark Holidaze Entryway from Smeared Ink.
This is the digital version, but a rubber one also exists in a set of Holidaze rubber.

I even broke out with my new TH Bowties die for this card.
Way easier than trying to tie my own bows, even with the Bow Easy.
Yeah, I still have a hard time doing it right even after watching
countless videos. I've been having a Schleprock week, so it's just
par for the course at this point.  

Be sure to enter your Anything Goes (with Smeared Ink image) project here.


  1. That's the nicest 'holiday' card I've ever seen, Creepy Glowbugg. :)

  2. Nice - very very nice! Sorry you're having a Schleprock week, but thanks very much for introdusing me to a new word :D


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