Tuesday, June 24, 2014

666: The Number of the Beast

I am so very proud to be a Haunted Design House Minion.
It is quite an honor to be a part of such a talented bunch
of like minded artists. And it is an even bigger deal that we, as a team,
have reached 666 followers over on the HDH challenge blog.
I'd like to think that people follow our challenges because the themes are 
unique and cater to the "dark crafter". And because we provide such
incredible, awe inspiring samples to sow the seeds of inspiration for each
and every challenge.
We have reached a milestone that others may find unsavory,
but in the dungeon, if it's unsavory, we savor every last bit of it.   
We don't appeal to everyone, and that's what makes us so
appealing to others, and ourselves. We are rather proud of our
reputation for the distasteful and the wicked. 

Okay now it's time to share my make for the 666 challenge.
At first I wanted to try and recreate Derek Rigg's Iron Maiden 
cover art from The Number of the Beast album, but that didn't work out.
At all. I am no where near talented enough to sculpt Derek's work.
Learned that the hard, and time consuming way.
So I opted to go a bit more simple in my design.

I considered using my own Hello Kitty tattoo for my reference art.
But decided to go with something a tad more original. And a bit less cute.

Here is my reference photo for my "Hello Darkness" sculpt.

I started out with a 4" x 6" base of polymer clay.
I decided to work a bit larger than my previous relief sculpts.
I was also hesitant to work with such an iconic image as Hello Kitty,
because if  it is too "off", it will be a huge fail (see first attempt at the Derek Rigg's art).
I've seen too many tattoos, and counterfeit products with a wonky ass Kitty on them.
No bueno. I think I did okay though... 

Started blocking in the color with acrylic paints after
Kitty got roasted for 35 minutes at 275 degrees.

Almost done. 
Screwed up the eyes, so still need to fix that.

The flames turned out pretty killer. I added some glitter paint to the 
flames to give 'em some sparkle. 

Ta dah!

I (sorta) fixed the eyes to match the eyes of "Darkness", 
from the film, "Legend".

Overall, I am pleased. How about you?

I would love it (and the other Minions, too) if you would stop by
the HDH blog to check out all of the incredible artwork that the
we made for this special challenge. We also have a bunch of wicked cool 
prizes to be won if you are brave enough to join us for our special occasion.
See ya there!



  1. OMG!!!!! This is sooo feakin' AMAZING! Love the texture and colors. Such a fun piece. Love your tat, too, BTW. xxD

  2. This is fantastic Glo! I love your clay work! Now how about some Steampunk?

  3. Omg WOW totally amazing and unique I love it bet it took ages Hugs Sandra xx

  4. Your creation is absolutely awesome! Thanks for your lovely comment on my Number of the beast ATC. If you send me your address (artyventure[at]yahoo[dot]com), I'll mail it out to you!


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