Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day blahs

Had a case of the blahs for the past few weeks.
A little too early for PMS, and I wish our new puppy
liked me more than my husband, but not enough to be so irritable.
And weepy. Uncontrolled, unannounced, and untimely, tears.
Fuck. Mother's Day is coming.
This will be the second Mother's Day without my mom.
It's just been a little over a year since she passed away.
Time flies. And we all get older. Fuck.
I still have two awesome Mother-in-Laws, and an incredibly
vibrant Grandma to appreciate this holiday. So stop yer cryin"!

Since I am such a fan of these adorable little guys, 
and as are most ladies, a fan of flowers, it seemed only fitting
to use at least one of Aurora Wings' Flower Sprites on a Mother's Day card.

Grandma has probably ten (or more) thriving, and flowering orchids at her house.
She has the gift of a really green thumb. She and Grandpa ran their own floral
business in Escalon, CA way back in the day. Total no-brainer to use the fabulous
Orchid Sprite from Aurora Wings. Grandma loved the card!! 

Another of my favorite artists, Torico of Birdie Brown drew up this cutie.
Unfortunately she no longer sells her images as digis, but she currently 
designs for My Favorite Things.  

I tried a new way of shading/coloring. I was trying to achieve a
vintage, tea stained feel by using browns to shade. I like it.
 Kept the layout pretty simple, too. I couldn't get too involved in too
much more than that anyway. My MIL loved it. She always loves my
cards no matter what they look like. She is a wonderful woman.

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. 
I did.

I got a Daenerys Targaryen action figure.
She is the Mother of Dragons, after all.


  1. Time flies. And we all get older. Fuck.

    I'm sorry. I had to laugh. My sentiments exactly.

    Nice gift ... :)

  2. Beautiful art..I love your cards and I love Aurora's Designs also. I love your action figurine congrats on that..lucky you :)
    susan s

  3. Both cards are delightful, Glo! ^_^ I love what you make with all of my sprites. Mitzi xx


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