Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Play A Game

Well, after much plotting and planning, cussing and fixing,
Mister Billy is ready for his close up!

The current challenge over at Haunted Design House is
"Let's play a game".
You can choose to go, one of two ways, on this challenge.
I started out thinking I'd use some chess pieces or maybe a domino or two, 
but Billy, from the SAW franchise, won out in the end.

After printing out my reference photos from google,
I began with some white polymer clay, and began sculpting Billy.
I also sculpted a base for him that looks sorta like the subway tiles
in the bathroom in the first film, and it's many sequels. 

Lastly, I made Billy a bow tie, and added black, Fun Fur for his hair. 
Contrary to it's name, Fun Fur is not fun to cut. Just sayin'.

This little doll face will probably end up in my etsy shop.
I'd like to do an entire line of horror themed faces like this.
I see a hockey mask and a burn victim in my future.... 

As a side note: I am a big Cary Elwes fan. Ever since I saw The Princess Bride, I've had
a bit of a crush on him. Then came Men in Tights, which I also loved.
Then, Mister Elwes was cast in SAW as Doctor Lawrence Gordon, 
only to have his role reprised again in 2010 for SAW 3D: The Final Chapter.

So, when this bit of movie magic went up for sale, I had to add it to my
random collection of schtuff. It's even got movie blood on it!

Thanks for dropping by!
Keep it creepy!!  


  1. OMG!!! I love it! And how cool to have that autographed tile. I have one question though, what size is Billy? The picture doesn't give you any idea of size.

    Carol (Carol's Creations)

  2. This is amazing he is spot on
    I love love love these films as they aren't your usual just blood and guts films although there are lots of both :o0 love your take on it
    Jacki x

  3. This is really creepy. I swear I'm going to get nightmares! Your tile is pretty cool. I love a Princess Bride. Lucky you, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment made me giggle. Love it.

  4. He is SUPERB! Love your clay creations and everything else. x


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