Friday, February 8, 2013

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

It has been rumored that maybe I have fallen ill, or that my 
good twin as commandeered my blog. Rest assured, it is me 
that has been creating cute, girly, and sweet cards lately.
It is no big secret that I am a Hello Kitty worshipper,
and that also means that I do enjoy pink and girly schtuff
To a certain extent though. Let's not get crazy here.  

So it was kind of embarrassing when Megan released these new 
adorable images at Dilly Beansand I started reaching for pastels 
and lacy things to make cards with. Hey, I was inspired! 
It's not a bad thing. Is it?

This week the challenge at Dilly Beans is HEARTS.
I'm not a big fan of hearts outside of the body, but I put on my pink
big girl panties, and started coloring Cinnamon (circle #536) anyway. 
I think she turned out lovely, and would be the perfect card for a 
sweet little girl or a dainty friend for Valentine's Day.
I added a handmade polymer clay heart, some MS doily border punch, 
and a big lavender, grosgrain bow
Girly? Yes? Cute? Yes? My normal style? 
No, but it sure looks fabulous anyway. 

Drop by Dilly Beans and check out the new digis and then pop over to
the challenge blog to play along and win some digis of you own!


  1. Lol even more girlie than me :)
    u r sick!
    Sick awesome!!!

  2. FABULOUS - I thinks it doesn't hurt to let out your 'girlie' side every now and then Glo..... don't want her getting arsey and making a permanent take-over bid !!!!!
    Luv Ya'
    IKE xxxxxxxx

  3. It certainly does look fabulous. LOVE it. Doesn't have to be gore and ghouls all the time you know :P xxx

  4. Honestly lady how do you have that much patience? Everything is so top notch wonderful! I could never do that! Can you download your drive and send it my way? ")
    I do wanna take you to D-con next year that wasnt B.S.! I need to meet you in person! If I dont have my sheet together by then,.. Im not worthy! :)

  5. I find it hard to believe you have any dainty friends, Glo. (or pink big girl panties for that matter) No offense, of course. LOL But I do think this card is absolutley adorable and the colors are yummy! Fabulous, whoever you are. Now bring back Glo. xxD


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