Monday, December 6, 2010

On the 6th Day of Christmas Simply Betty style

***This is my second post today***
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The 6th Day of Christmas

The Children all snug in their beds, while visions of Steampunks danced in their heads!
I am a huge fan of the Steampunk line at Simply Betty Stamps.  
They are beautiful and awesome to color and create with.  Very elegant.
The challenge for this Day of Christmas is to create your most "Merry Steampunk" project.
Add some gears and cogs and metal bits and make it Christmas-y!
You have until Dec. 7th at 11PM PST!
The winner of this challenge will receive a beautiful Vintage Paper collection.

Now, on to my card.
I am pretty stoked (an old "Rocker" term for thrilled) as to how killer this card turned out. 
Every so often I allow myself a paper crafted victory like this one.
Only every so often though, so I don't get too full of myself. 

This is Gwendolyn.
Isn't she lovely? 

I found this image of the gears online and heat embossed some of them
with copper and gold powders. I added on some metal cog brads and added
my Steampunk standby, the compass brad! I also used my new corner dies
from Sizzix, which I heat embossed with copper powder.
Then I aged everything and added a little tag to convey the Winter message.

Okay, I have a dirty little secret.
I am usually a pretty neat colorer. Must be the Virgo in me.
But, sometimes I make quite a mess.
Like while I was coloring the image for this card, I got confused as to 
where the red was supposed to go on her dress.  

It wasn't supposed to go there.
I used a colorless blender to try and remove the hardest color to
remove, red!
I got quite a bit of it with the blender and decided to just go
for it with the green that was supposed to go there in the first place.

I worked it a bit more with the blender pen on her leg and boot,
being very careful to not over saturate the paper so much that it bleeds more.
Speakin' from experience right there.

See, the red is not even noticeable now.

I guess the point of this was to show that just
because you make a mistake with the Copics doesn't mean
you have to junk your entire image. It can be salvaged with just
a bit of patience and a colorless blender.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to drop by
the Simply Betty blog to see the other awesome creations from our
uber-talented design team!


  1. Awesome card. Thanks for the quick tutorial. I've canned a few images doing that.

  2. Amazing card sweets. I love the 'Oops' moment. I have them all the time. LOL. Didn't card also bleeds a little and I end up with it outside the lines. Wonderful save.

  3. First, I can't believe that "stoked" need to be explained! Jeez I feel old! Second, your card is gorgeous!! Third, my little secret is I will go to Huge lengths to keep from trashing a colored image! There is very little that I will not try fix! Great job on the recovery! :-)Traci

  4. I never would have been able to tell that there was red right there! Awesome job on your card, girl!


  5. AWESOME post!!! That is EXACTLY what makes the Copics so cool!!! :) PS. The Skullies are WONDERFUL! Thank you!

  6. I'm laughing about the stoked explanation. Yeah, I'll bet there are a few out there too young. LOL But this card blows me AWAY!!!! Yous hould be stoked! It's a masterpiece! xxD

  7. Love that image. Your shading is awesome. This card is just over the top. Love it.


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