Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attitude? Me? Does it really show?

***Second post for today***
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Lisa over at ldfdesign awarded me this Attitude blog award.
How sweet and cool of her to even think of me in her top 5.

Now as a result, I have to list 3 things that make me different (only 3 huh?),
and then I get to nominate 5 blogs of boastful attitude.

Here goes,
1. I tend to think outside of my box, and when I do, I have to clean it up.
2. I believe that conformity is the death of the soul. How about you?
3. I collect everything! Lunchboxes (old, metal vintage ones), tattoos, SHAG art,   
framed bug specimens, vintage Hallowe'en decorations, $2 bills, Toxic Toon merch,
Hello Kitty/Kuromi/My Melody (Sanrio has alot of my husband's money),
The Muppets merch, Nightmare B4 Xmas merch, Sid and Marty Krofft merch, cool and unusual weirdness, just to name a few.

Now for my pick of 5 blogs chock full of attitude!!
1. Haunted Design House -  Barb is my Master, and I must obey.....
2. Cards Cards and more Cards - Eulanda is amazing with just a touch of the 'tude
3.Katt Korpsgryndr - I don't have anything on this chick in the attitude department
4. Smudgetastic - Andrea is an awesome artist with many talents
5. The Octopode Factory  - Lily has the most unique and creepy digi images available

It was very hard to only choose 5 blogs to award this honor.
Practically everyone I know has attitude!!! 

Thanks again to Lisa, for recognizing pure attitude when she sees it!! 


  1. hey hon, you'e the QUEEN of 'tude! A big congrats! (I seriously doubt this is any surprise! LOL) xxD

  2. Jeeps you're the 3rd person to nominate me! WTF?!! LOL!! Thanks Glo!

  3. You are sooo deserving!!! Uh, that was supposed to be a compliment... I'm not say that you have an attitude, well, you have an attitude, but it's good, really, really good... Ok, I'll shut up now! ;)


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