Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mutha's Day

Mother's day last year, sucked out loud.
I have never had a close relationship with my Mother.
I guess you could say we have been estranged as of 2008.
I had a bit of a falling out with my Father back then, and since then my mother and I have not kept in touch.
So, out of hurt and anger, I didn't send her a card last year for Mother's day.
Big mistake!
I was a mess the entire day. I was wracked with guilt for not sending a stupid card.
Then, in the winter of 2009, my Mother phoned me (after not speaking for almost 2 years) to let me know she was diagnosed with breast cancer and I should go get checked.
How you doin?!
So, this year I made not one, but seven Mother's day cards.
I am always taking pictures of fleurs and bugs and stuff in my yard, so I decided to
make my little masterpieces the focal point of my Mother's Day cards this year.
I had seven cards to make so this was a stress free way to get that task accomplished without the usual resentments.
I found it best just to let the fleur be the star and use subtle papers and embellishments, so as not to make the card too busy.
This Mother's Day is all about me and my son.
Looking forward to hanging out with him and having a great day.

Love your Mother if she'll let you, and if not, love yourself. 


  1. Those are so beautiful! I love the purple one. Makes me wish I was a Mom. =)

  2. Gorgeous cards! So special since they're from your garden. I always have a prob with Mother's Day. My mom had a strained relationship at best. Seems like whatever I did it didn't live up to her expectations. As I got older I decided I'd be just like her so I never had kids. She's been dead 15 years. I don't regret not having kids. I'm a fab Mom to my furbabies and they love me unconditionally and vice versa. It's nice having no expectations. Enjoy your day with your son. I'll be petting my kitties. xxD

  3. Gloria, your cards are beautiful! I hope you have a fabulous day with your son! :-)Traci

  4. Lovely photo's! I hope that in contrast with last year that this year you will have a wonderful mothersday together with your son filled with joy, love and laughter.

  5. Dear Gloria, Life is not easy but it's better than the alternative...I don't know your situation but speaking from experience, I do know that sometimes we are so scarred by our parents that we can't fully appreciate the blessings that the good lord has given us, even if they are right under our nose. It's good that you have chosen to go a different path with your son.
    Time does heal most wounds, I wish that for you.
    Art is such wonderful therapy and your cards are beautiful ...but the creepy characters you make are so delightful,they kinda remind me of some sketches I made a few years back!!!

    Blessings, Flora


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