Friday, May 21, 2010

Hallow's Eve Exotique

I'm back with another of my Sweet Pea images.
This one is called,"Exotic Halloween".
This image was a lot of fun to color, but I'm pretty sure it took me over an hour
to color the entire image.
I did take "thinkin'" breaks, to plan how I wanted this to turn out.
These images can be so intimidating!
I always have the Sweet Pea website up while I am coloring, so I can have
a reference to color by. Sometimes I can't figure out what something is supposed to be when it is just black and white.
When I colored this one, I had to refer to Angela's blog (In My Quiet Time), to see how
she mastered this beauty.
I managed to get this charm on, even though I'm not sure
this was the best way to get it on the card.
Sometimes I am so determined to get an element to work, that the integrity of 
the card is in question.
Basically, I have screwed up quite a few cards by demanding that something 
is going to work, when it was never going to in the first place.

Thanks to everyone for their sweet comments on my coloring skills.
I am constantly trying to improve without paying the money or attending the
classes to get Copic certified.
I have found Youtube to be a wonderful and free teacher.


  1. Seriously beautiful, Gloria! And yes, you DO have the mad skills :)

  2. This is absolutely fantastic! Wonderful job. Love your mad coloring skilz!

  3. It looks fantastic!! This is another one of my favorites, that I haven't even colored yet!! :-)Traci

  4. I love this image...and the colors are awesome too... Great work with the pumpkin charm.


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