Sunday, January 31, 2016

Useless Trinkets new freebie release

Today is the release of new images at Useless Trinkets.
FREE, new images. Along with all of the other adorable and FREE
images already there. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should. 
And if you already have, then you need the new images and matching sentiments.
Did I mention that they're FREE? Don't even get me started. I have no idea
why the heck Jessa isn't charging for these images, but hurry up and grab 'em 
before she comes to  her senses and realizes she has a goldmine on her hands.

First up is "Harriet".
She is unassumingly psychotic. I like that in a girly image.

Gives her a nice edge. 
Kinda sharp and rusty, like old garden shears...

I found a fitting sentiment and a cool charm to go with it.
I paired it all up with some super old dp I have had for years. I loved it
so much I bought a shit ton of it, and still have at least a half a
shit ton of it left.

So, I kinda adore little miss "Harriet".
She's fun and great for all ages and occasions. 

My new favorite image from the imaginative and adorable mind of 
Jessa is, "Fluffy Gustav"

He is adorable, no?
I am relatively new to coloring fur, but I don't hate how this came out. 
It's fun fur!

Since "Fluffy Gustav" is so much fun to play with, I thought I'd use
him in another card you can never make too many of, a 'get well' card. 

I went with a dot technique for this version of Gustav.
Much faster and easier to color fur this way. 
Plus, it's more whimsical.

Jessa came up with some super cute and sweet Valentine sentiments
for this fluffy monster, so I was inspired to make a couple VD cards.  

Who can resist a cotton candy monster?
Bearing gifts, no less?

I went for a more classic color scheme here. 
Tryin' to class up the joint, I guess.
It's gonna take more than a fancy color scheme to class
up this chick and my ridiculousness. 

I broke out the big doily and a smaller black doily with some
pearl spray on it. I am so happy to be using these things. I have quite
a few of them, but can stand to use up a few. 

So, Gustav is super cute. You need him in your stash of awesome FREE
images. He comes in various versions with different accessories and don't
for get the cool sentiments and Harriet, too!

Here's the hop order in case you get lost along the way.
Thanks for dropping by!

                                     Birka -
Gloria - you are here
Katrin and Lisa from Projekt Cupcake -


  1. Fantastic and deliciously creepy designs, Gloria, all of them! Love your coloring and the layers on your cards!

  2. OMGosh - how adorable these are. Your cards are AWESOME !!! Thanks for the link - I went and snagged me some of these little cuties :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Oh wow... sooo many awesome cards!!! And your coloring is unbelivable!!!! Really! You made the monster reaaally fluffy!!!!!! And i looove the pink/grey-ones :-)

  4. Hey Gloria,
    All of your cards are totally amazing. Love the coloration with all the highlights and texture.

  5. Oh wow, really beautiful! Your coloring is beautiful!

  6. WOW!
    Sowohl Haare als auch Fell sind sowas von genial coloriert!

  7. Wow, your coloring is awesome!!! Great cards.

  8. you did a great job with these images.

  9. Wow, Gloria! I LOVE your cards! Your coloring is so fantastic and so rich in details!


  10. I don't normally send VD cards but I just might make an exception this year. Who could resist a Be My Valentine You Little Creep card? That's perfect! For someone who's never done fur before, you did really really good!


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